About Us.

The Adjuster School – Insurance Adjuster Training

 The Adjuster School was founded by Claim Professional Eric Thomas. Mr. Thomas began his career in the Insurance industry on February 22, 1993 as a Fire Claim Adjuster with State Farm Insurance Company in Houston, Texas. As an entry level adjuster, he gained experience handling theft claims, water damage claims, wind/hail claims, vandalism claims and other property damage claims. During his first two years of adjusting, he was also able to gain experience working catastrophe claims. His experience includes working Hurricane Andrew, Northridge Earthquake, Wind/Hail catastrophes in Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Minnesota, and Arkansas.

 In 1995, Mr. Thomas joined the State Farm Catastrophe Team.  While on the Catastrophe Team, he was able to obtain a large amount of Catastrophe Adjusting Experience.  He worked Hurricane Opal in Florida, numerous Flood claims in Texas, Ice/Snow claims in Frederick, Maryland, Hail and Tornado claims in Tennessee, Kentucky and Indiana.  While in Frederick, Maryland, he was on the Catastrophe Team that was the first ever to work in a Call Center environment.  

In 1997, Mr. Thomas accepted a position with Allstate Insurance Company.  After 6 months as an Adjuster, he was promoted to Claim Manager.  Mr. Thomas held several management positions with Allstate in segments such as Fire/Large Loss Manager, Subrogation Manager, Quality Vendor Manager, Inside Adjuster Manager, and Auto Unrep/Bodily Injury Claim Manager.  During his career at Allstate, Mr. Thomas was a member of a high level Home Office Team known as Claim Core Process Redesign (CCPR).  On the CCPR Team, he was instrumental in designing and implementing training processes to claim offices all across the United States.  

In 2005, Mr. Thomas became an Independent Adjuster handling Catastrophe claims throughout the entire United States.  It was at this time he also sharing his knowledge and expertise with new Claim Adjusters and started The Adjuster School and the Independent Insurance Adjuster Firm, Eric Thomas, Inc. 

Mr. Thomas is also an Xactimate Certified Trainer! This highly recognized designation ensures that you are being trained by a highly skilled and trained professional that can help you obtain your Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Certification.

Our goal is to help you jump start your career in the Insurance industry.
You can do it, we can help!

Please do your research into the companies that offer Adjuster Training courses. Many of them claim to have knowledge and expertise in Insurance, but have never adjusted an insurance claim. Stating on a website that instructors have experience is one thing, honestly having that experience and a successful
30-year career to back it up is another.

Experience is Everything!

Summary of Qualifications

  • 30 years of Property & Casualty Insurance experience.
  • Over 26 years of Claims Management experience.
  • Xactimate Certified Trainer
  • Experience in Claims Management and Catastrophe claims.
  • Accomplished Trainer in Property & Casualty claims handling.
  • Founder of Eric Thomas, Inc.

Professional Experience

  • Claim Manager
  • Hiring / Recruiting Manager
  • Fire / Large Loss Manager
  • Mold Attorney Represented Manager
  • Subrogation Manager
  • Theft Unit Manager
  • Manager of Quality Vendor Program
  • Auto Bodily Injury Claim Manager
  • Agent Advocate

Specific Catastrophe Work

  • Hurricane Florence Wilmington, NC
  • Hurricane Michael Panama City, FL
  • Hurricane Harvey Houston, TX
  • Hurricane Sandy Eastern Seaboard
  • Hurricane Isaac New Orleans, LA
  • Hurricane Irene New Orleans, LA
  • Tornado Joplin, MO
  • Tornado Tuscaloosa, AL
  • Hailstorm Phoenix, AZ
  • Hailstorm Aurora, CO
  • Hurricane Ike  Houston, TX
  • Hurricane Gustav Houma, LA
  • Hurricane Katrina New Orleans, LA
  • Tropical Storm Allison  Houston, TX
  • Hail Storm Indianapolis, IN
  • Tornado Louisville, KY
  • Winter Storm Frederick, MD
  • Hurricane Opal Panama City, FL
  • North Houston Freeze Houston, TX
  • Hail Storm San Antonio, TX
  • Floods Montgomery County, TX
  • Hail Storm Rogers, AR
  • Hail Storm Dodge City, KS
  • Floods St. Louis, MO
  • Northridge Earthquake Northridge, CA
  • Hurricane Andrew Miami, FL
  • Numerous small Wind / Hail storms


  • Texas All-Lines Pre-Licensing course instructor
  • Xactimate Certified Trainer
  • Training the Trainer” course instructor
  • Customer Satisfaction and Retention course instructor
  • N.F.I.P. Flood Certified
  • Hiring / Recruiting
  • Appraisal
  • Mediation
  • Xactimate
  • Integriclaim