The Adjuster School is committed to providing the absolute best insurance training courses to current and prospective claim professionals. Our goal is to provide you with the tools and resources that you need to become a valued Staff or Independent Claims Professional. The information that you will learn while attending any of our courses are Fact Based, Tested and Proven on the front line. All of our courses and training products are supported by experienced instructors with more than 64 years of Property & Casualty Claims and Management experience. We would not allow you to settle for anything less.

When choosing a Training School to attend, we hope that you truly value Claims Experience, Integrity and a High Level of Customer Satisfaction. These are all basic behavioral traits that you will receive from The Adjuster School. But don’t take our word for it, please take a look at what a few of our students have to say about us:

“Hi Eric….. Just a quick update to share with you how fast the process can be.  I had an appointment to do fingerprints yesterday morning at 10:50 am, got home about 1:00 pm…. Went online and submitted my application for my license… got the approval this morning about 10:30  am.  I’d say that is pretty darn quick.  Once again, thank you for having such a great and well taught class.  Be well…. Gary”


Attending the Xactimate class was quite rewarding, in fact from the instructor’s knowledge, I regretted using another school to obtain my license. Eric’s knowledge seemed to be far reaching and was more in depth in the Catastrophe Adjuster aspect of the class. His patience and teaching ability is dynamic. It was a pleasure to get to know him as an instructor. In fact, during class I became determined to send my family members to his class because I felt they would learn more and gain a better knowledge from Eric. Also, one of the students that attended the other class with me at a competitor’s school made comment as to “this is where we should have been” and we both appreciated the time and effort Eric took to bring us up to the knowledge of his class. I appreciated that because he really didn’t have to. That showed me that he really loves his career.

from Houston, Texas

The Adjuster School is the best way to go for in-house licensing of adjusters. Eric Thomas was very professional and proficient in the pre-licensing course. He put our employees at ease and prepared them well for their exam. We had a 100% pass rate. Our company will not hesitate to use their services as we acquire other employees.
Standard Financial General Adjustment, Inc. Dallas, TX

Mr. Thomas, I want to thank you for the outstanding class for a CAT adjuster I attended in May.  Your knowledge and professionalism were outstanding.  I, being from a non-insurance background, appreciate how ou made things very simple and applicable.  The curriculum directly reflected real world scenarios.  In addition to the instruction, it was very motivating to hear how ethical being an adjuster has to be.  Your emphases on starting slow, but do it right was reassuring to me to take the time to spend with the customer and address their needs.  You also stressed the importance of customer service and how it is impperative as it directly represents the insurance company’s relationship with the policyholder.  Once again, thanks.

from New Braunfels, TX

My training for my All-Lines license was very professional and precise.  It provided me with everything I needed to understand the material and to be able to successfully pass the exam.  A big thanks to The Adjuster School and their staff.

from Joplin, MO

Eric, I was very impressed with The Adjuster School.  You made us feel very relaxed and assured us we would learn a lot about claims adjusting.  I am pleased to say that I passed the test with ease.  Your experience and knowledge was great.  You left no one behind in our class and you made sure everyone understood the course materials and spent the necessary time to go over the material.  I highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to become and adjuster.

from Blue Mounds, WI

Eric, I just wanted to really thank you for a wonderful learning experience.

from Fort Worth, TX

The Adjuster School has been very helpful in getting my adjusting career started.  After being in the constructi0n business for more than 30 years, I thought it was time for a change and The Adjuster School is helping me accomplish that.  THANKS for always being available and most helpful.

from Duncanville, TX